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To date, we have saved


bottles from entering our landfills.
LEARN MORE Almost 2 million bottles recycled!
REPREVE ® Unifi, Inc

Culp introduces a new fabric collection for a new generation of environmentally conscious consumers that combines trusted performance with sustainability to ensure a better future for everyone.

LiveSmart is now a Sustainable Furnishings Council Member

SFC member companies maintain a commitment to sustainability, no matter which aspect of the complex whole is their priority. Each company is transparent about their current status, continuously improving along the way. We work hand in hand with our members focusing on 6 aspects of sustainability:

• Reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants
• Maintain health and wellness
• Ensure social equity
• Reduce waste
• Manage water
• Incorporate circularity

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Sustainable Furnishings Council Member
LiveSmart Evolve

What Is LiveSmart Evolve?

LiveSmart Evolve fabrics are an innovative collection of modern, affordable performance fabrics. LiveSmart Evolve fabrics are durable, resist everyday stains, easily cleaned, and are sustainably designed using an average of 30% recycled fibers and a water repellent finish.

Click below for more information on a complete cleaning guide.

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How Our Fabric Performs


Recycled Fibers*

Water Repellency

Water Repellency


Stain Resistance

*Made with at least 30% or more recycled fibers.

Discover LiveSmart Evolve

LiveSmart Evolve keeps furniture and home accessories looking and feeling beautiful while helping to divert plastics from landfills to create a more sustainable future.

To learn more about how the LiveSmart Evolve fabric collection, download our informational tech sheet.


Discover REPREVE®

Repreve is a sustainable polyester yarn created from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.


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